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Don't limit yourself to women's clothing



Every time I go shopping, I like to check out the men's section and almost every time, I am rewarded with an outfit or accessory that I like. Girls wearing menswear is nothing new. The boyfriend, oversize and neutral styles that have become popular in the past few years convey an invisible idea of what not to wear.

As someone who owns a lot of men's jackets, I've always loved my men's vintage leather jacket from London's brick lane vintage market. The silhouette oversized leather jacket with flared trousers brings a vintage 90s chic look.

As well as jackets, shirts are also a unisex look that I favour. I am used to combining silhouette shirts, which embody masculine strength, with stockings, which convey femininity, creating a contradictory aesthetic.

To sum up, wide menswear, in particular, makes thin women's shoulders look wider, and sharp cuts and shapes make women more handsome.

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