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The one vintage style piece every slim girl should try this summer



For spring/summer 2022, MiuMiu brings back millennial fashion with low-rise skirts and low-rise jeans. The low-rise element is back in trend!

As a once-popular piece in the millennium, the low-rise jeans have a retro vibe.

Jeans from ZARA

As a slim girl, make sure you capture this old fashion comeback. Wearing low-rise jeans will not appear overly thin but instead, add a slouchy sexiness to an outfit. Especially for girls with abs, low-rise jeans will be a perfect opportunity to show your fitness achievements!

Jeans from ZARA

However, many girls may not have low-rise jeans in their wardrobe, and they don't want to pay too much for a trend that's just a passing fad. I thought the same thing when I first saw this retro trend, so I pulled out the old jeans that I had bought a few years ago that were too big and tried to pull them down. This way I had a very stylish pair of low-rise jeans.

Jeans from Heavymanners

If you didn't have oversized jeans, don't worry; get out your trousers! You can try an innovative way to wear them-unzip the overalls and let them hang loose around your waist. You will show off your abs with a street-style twist!

Tousers from ACNE STUDIO

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