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Mental health: never feel guilty about eating food



I have always been thin since I was born. In certain cultures, being thin is usually considered necessary to be in good shape. When I went to university, I started working out. But as I worked out more and more, I began to be harder on myself. I deliberately cut down on my oil and sugar intake and progressed to not consuming either of these fast-growing elements. Gradually, I found myself losing more and more energy. Sometimes I would even faint. And as a result of the diet, I became unhappy every day. I became irritable and spent a lot of time drowning in the stress of food... I was on a diet and couldn't stop myself during that time.

After a mental struggle, I slowly returned to a regular diet. The moderate intake of oil and sugar did not bring about a very noticeable change in my figure. Enjoying food coupled with fitness, I regained my happiness.

(My normal diet after giving up dieting)

Slim Girls, I need to tell you from my own experience: Your body is perfect enough. You don't have to be cruel to yourself about food. Eat what you want to eat and exercise more happily. You look your best when you are happy!

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