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How to incorporate a bikini into your everyday wear



As a slim girl, you must be perfect for wearing a bikini. The stereotype is that bikinis are only suitable for beach holidays. Here are two ways to wear a bikini daily in summer:

1. Brightly coloured bikini with a beige knitted camisole:

The knitted halter I'm wearing is a little big and tends to get out. When I showed the bikini top, I was able to show off the bright colours.

Bikini from Calvin Klein

Knitted camisole from Free people

2. Dark bikinis with brightly coloured shirts:

Shirts are always considered to be very formal garments. Wear a bikini top under a shirt and casually tie the shirt in a knot; it gives the outfit a unique and sexy look. Alternatively, wear low-rise jeans with the bikini bottom peeking out a little, which will make for a distinctive, modern look.


Shirt from Acne Studio

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