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Healthy diet: the elaborately prepared salad recipe can turn the eating salad into a treat



Salads are the first thing that comes to many people's minds when thinking of a diet during weight loss. The stereotype is that salads are exclusively for people on a diet and are usually not tasty. However, in reality, the rich vegetables in salads provide the body with many nutrients. So, for me, eating salads is not only a manner to keep fit but also an essential way to get more nutrients. To make myself enjoy salads, I have created some salad recipes:

1. Prawn and vegetable salad: I usually eat this salad when I'm not too hungry. Prawns, small tomatoes, and cucumber with a vinaigrette can make for a refreshing taste.

2. Spicy grilled chicken thigh salad: I usually marinate the chicken thighs the night before, grill them the next day, and finally make them into a salad.

3. Grilled Chicken Breast Salad: It is similar to grilled chicken thigh salad. But chicken breasts are lower in fat and higher in protein. If you are in a fat loss phase and don't want to intake more fat, this salad would be a good choice!

4. Steak salad: Steak is rich in both protein and fat, which provides more energy to the body. To get me in better condition during training, I usually choose this salad before training.

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